AAA offers a wide range of masonry services including: bricklaying, tuckpointing, crown repair, firebox repair, smoke chamber renovation with Chamber Tech, and flashing repairs. We are able to execute almost any type of masonry work. (See Firebox Repairs, Chimney Crowns, Smoke Chambers, and Tuckpointing)

If either a visual inspection or a CHIM SCAN indicate that your flue or chimney liner is damaged, then a RELINING is necessary for venting either wood or gas. We also now know that all gas furnaces and water heaters should be vented through a LISTED metal liner, especially if used with a High Efficiency furnace. In fact, current codes in this area require it for all new furnace installations! Industry experience over the last few decades have conclusively demonstrated that venting gas appliances into masonry chimneys results in the rapid break-down of clay tile liners and the eventual destruction of the overall chimney structure.

A chimney crown is intended to protect the chimney below from water damage. Any cracks or deterioration compromise this protection and will lead to more extensive and expensive repairs to the chimney, requiring either tearing down and relaying of bricks and/or tuckpointing. Please also be aware that repaired chimneys can never look as good as an original, properly maintained chimney. The following is the best recommended method of replacing a damaged or missing crown according to the Brick Institute of America and other masonry authorities.

After removing the existing damaged crown, we pour a new, 4-6 inch thick concrete crown. This crown will be at least 1 inch wider and longer than your chimney stack for superior water protection and to give your chimney an attractive appearance. It will be metal and/or fiberglass mesh reinforced to limit future cracking. It will also be properly separated from both the chimney stack and the flue tiles to prevent breakage and cracking due to the differential thermal expansion of these chimney components. If waterproofed following a short curing period, this crown will carry a full 5-year warranty against cracking or deterioration.


We will use either a waterproof coating of a fiberglass reinforced, masonry mix called "Shur-Wall" or a special rubberized chimney material called "Crown Seal" to your existing damaged crown, depending on the degree of existing crown deterioration. Our repair will fill existing cracks and voids, thicken and stabilize the existing crown, and waterproof the top of your chimney. Our specialized coatings carries a three year warranty against cracking and deterioration.

We will remove existing creosote and loose masonry from the Smoke Chamber (area just above damper) and coat the walls of the chamber with approximately 1 inch of a fireproof, insulating masonry material called "CHAMBER TECH". This protective coating will fill voids between bricks, fill cracks and holes within bricks, insulate the chamber for heating efficiency and safety, leave a smooth surface for more efficient flow of smoke and gasses, and provide increased structural strength for the entire chimney structure. The warranty for this process is 5 YEARS, guaranteeing that the coating will stay intact and solidly in place.

If you have loose or damaged bricks in the back or sides of your firebox, we will remove and replace them with new bricks, using refractory bricks and mortar. We will also grind out remaining deteriorated joints and tuckpoint them with refractory mortar. We warranty our interior bricklaying for 5 YEARS and our tuckpointing for 1 YEAR.

Contrary to popular belief, bricks and mortar are not naturally "waterproof". A driving wind will move water through even healthy bricks and mortar. Moisture is a common starting place for masonry deterioration and can cause more costly chimney problems. The best way to keep new masonry at its best is to use an appropriate waterproofing material, such as Chimsaver.

Our state-of-the-art chimney video inspection equipment now enables us to detect problems inside the flue. With the CHIM SCAN system we can spot missing mortar, cracked tiles and other dangerous problems. a CHIM SCAN is a must for older chimneys, chimneys with smoking or odor problems, chimneys that havenít been scanned recently, and chimneys that have EVER experienced a chimney fire. If in doubt, have it SCANNED!

Once your masonry is in good repair, KEEP IT THAT WAY with CHIMSAVER! Our patented waterproofing material is breathable, an essential requirement for protecting chimneys from rain and snow while not trapping water and other vapors inside the chimney. CHIMSAVER comes with a TEN YEAR WARRANTY! Please, never use Thompsonís or other inappropriate waterproofing materials on your chimney! They do more harm than good!

This process includes grinding out all missing or weakened joints and filling them with "Propoint", a specialized tuckpointing material. We will attempt to match both the color and the shape of the existing joints, but we cannot guarantee an exact match. Tuckpointing carries a one year warranty against deterioration in the areas worked on, if waterproofed shortly after the repairs are done. We highly recommend having us waterproof with CHIMSAVER at least the areas worked on after the repairs are done.

A clogged or restricted dryer vent results in dryer repair bills, higher energy costs, longer drying cycles, moisture damage to walls and ceilings, and even health problems, including Carbon Monoxide poisoning! We have special equipment to clean out dryer vents, and Steve Brownrigg is the only Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician in the Omaha Area!

Weíve expanded our Chimney Cap selection to include: Stainless Steel, Copper, Custom shapes and sizes, and caps that solve draft and odor problems. Most have a LIFETIME warranty.

A cleanout door is required anytime access to the smoke chamber is so restricted as to prevent thorough cleaning and inspection. This door provides access to the back of the smoke chamber through a reusable door made of either fireproof metal or masonry materials.

The purpose of a chimney linter is to contain the byproducts of combustion (heat, moisture, creosote, carbon monoxide, and other dangerous elements) until they are discharged from your chimney. A cracked liner or a liner with missing mortar between the joints from the chimney. A cracked liner or a liner with missing mortar between the joints cannot perform its intended function.

The National Fire Protection Agency states: "If the flue liner has softened, cracked, or otherwise deteriorated so that it no longer has the continued ability to contain the products of combustion, it shall be either removed and replaced, repaired, or relined with a listed liner system..." (NFPA 211, Sect. 10-9)

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